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AIRBRUSH MAKEUP, is it for you?

You may not think so now, but once you go air brush, I say you never go back! Airbrush makeup is tops for photography, hands down to other foundation. It will give you a flawless and fresh look that will hold on for hours. If you want your skin to breath, glow, stay natural and not sweat with heat, dance for hours on end, and still look fresh as a daisy. airbrushing is the go to application. Airbrushing can hide every little spot, mark or scar on your skin.

When looking for an airbrush artist look at portfolios and ask any and all questions to put your mind at ease. You are entitled!!…this is your BIG day. Airbrushing should not look cakey, thick, heavy and peeling. It requires special training, and experience for application on different skin types and skin tones. Brides, what better way to know than to ask lots of questions. Airbrush transformations can be quite amazing.

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP is a liquid makeup that sprays through a hand held gun connected to an air compressor. The spray is a fine mist that covers the face with a light application of skin toned shades. It covers imperfections.

AIRBRUSH FOR CONSUMERS vs PROS….we use machines that have pressure controls that are customized to spray the face or body. Practice makes perfect!

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP will keep you looking fresh and flawless for the evening and also the after evening! When airbrushing is properly applied and finished with the right powders and sprays it will last for hours on end.

IS AIRBRUSH MAKEUP HEAVY LOOKING? We get asked a lot. It may seem that it would be, but actually it’s not. When you think of the spray application, very small amounts of the makeup are released to your skin, which in actual fact is way less than if we applied our foundation ourselves. It looks and feels light.

AIRBRUSH TOUCHUPS are only needed on the lips. We can help you with that.

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP over other formulas is a personal choice. You can still get a great finish with regular application with proper finishing products.

I look forward to chatting with you beautiful ladies and answering any other questions you may have. xoxo

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