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Introductory 3-Day Course 
Our  MICROBLADING HD OMBRE FADE courses are ideal for Permanent Makeup Technicians, Estheticians, Lash Technicians, Spas & Salons who want to expand the existing services offered. This course consists of theory, and practical through instruction, participation & assignments.
Accredited Training Facility

Master, Certified & Experienced Instructors

Hands On Learning in one-on-one or small groups

Advertising Opportunities with Beautiliscious

Ongoing Support even after you’re certified

Marketing Material

Business Support 

10% off of all classes offered when you train with Beautiliscious/BGB Brow & Co.

10% Discount on all product purchases 

What Is Microblading?

Microblading, also known as “embroidered” or “feathering” is one of the most popular new trends in brow enhancement. Pigment is manually implanted directly under the epidermis by using a  manual tool that holds a very tiny blade that leaves natural looking hair strokes. There is no machine used during this process. This semi-permanent tattoo method will add more volume, change an arch or shape, and refine definition.  You will rock your new brow look!

How long do they last?

Microblading will vary from client to client, but will typically last anywhere from 2-3 years. At that time, a color touch up will be necessary to give your brows a fresh new look, as they were after the initial procedure.

Learn The Fine Art of  Microblading With Our Hands On 3-Day Course.  

If you’d like to learn how to do Microblading, step-by-step, to offer your clients the look of amazing brows, then this course is for you. Our program will show you what you need, from start to finish, to master the process of Microblading. Starting from the beginning you will learn how to measure, build a brow, color theory, & everything you need to know about Microblading HD Ombre Fade.

At Beautiliscious we believe teaching in a relaxed & friendly environment is more conducive to learning No need to be nervous, our instructors will put you at ease.

A Microblading Kit  is included.  This kit includes everything you need to start your business and it should last you for approximately 30 clients.  Training is conducted by accredited trainers. Our #1 goal is for you to learn all about the Microblading HD Ombre Fade process and when you finish, be able to do the procedure like a pro.  We continue to provide ongoing support following the training.  As with all of our courses, we offer a 100% training guarantee and you are welcome to comeback at any time if you want more practice under supervision.  We have an open door policy.

Why Choose Beautiliscious?

We believe quality education starts with certified instructors that have a great approach to teaching, quality products, and small classes.   While other Microblading classes may try to pack 10 to 15 students into a classroom, we believe the instructors attention is crucial and therefore limit our classes to 2 or 4 maximum students to one instructor.   All of our instructors are also certified technicians and will provide valuable insight into the industry, marketing, practical business advice & more.  We have unique advertising & marketing opportunities to bring your new service to another level.  We are an authorized dealer & use all of the best, safest & newest products in the market.  Always looking for a better product.

Authorized Product Dealer


Day 1: Theory  Procedure, Business, Practical Experience, Quiz & Homework.

Day 2:  Review, Practical on Live Models, Quiz & Homework.

Day 3:  Review, Ombre Fade technique, Practical on models & final exam.

Pro Certificate of Completion

Homework: 3 additional models on your own to complete the certification.

We require front & side images of your 3 models, with your microblading work, ombre fade, blade # used& pigment color used on your models.

Price Includes Training Kit  (30+ clients):

  • Sterilized Blades
  • Microblade Pen
  • Premium Pigments
  • Professional Numbing Cream
  • Micro Swabs
  • Individual Alcohol pads
  • Hair Nets
  • Cosmetic Pencils
  • Razor
  • Plastic Calipers

All necessary items for course are included in the Course Kit.

For all training inquiries, please call or text 416 799-0325 or email beautilisciousworld@gmail.  We are an Accredited Training Facility with certified & experienced instructors.


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