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Introducing semi-permanent LASH-KARA™ exclusive to Beautiliscious!

  • Natural looking.
  • Lasts approximately 3 weeks.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Used for lash extensions & natural lashes.
  • Fabulous when teamed with our lash lift.
  • Can be used with lash growth products.

, located in Brampton, now offers training for our Semi Permanent lash application LASH-KARA™, the newest hottie on the beauty market scene!  Coating the lashes with semi-permanent LASH-KARA™ gives the appearance of mascara for approximately 3 weeks. LASH-KARA™ can also be used on Lash Extensions for extra glam!
The LASH-KARA™ client application time is approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour, and retail pricing for LASH-KARA™ is anywhere from $90 to $180 depending on your geographical location.

With LASH-KARA™ training you will receive a kit which includes:

  • Product for over 15 applications
  • All tools required.
  • All other application products: microswabs, wands & eye pads.

LASH-KARA™ really is a MUST HAVE feature product for Existing Lash Extension professionals.
With the addition of LASH-KARA™ to services already offered, you are not only increasing your skills as a technician, but will have this new and profitable service to offer both existing and new clients.

With LASH-KARA™ you are able to target those clients wanting an application on natural lashes, but also lash extension clients who may be looking for a little more glam to their overall look.

Upon completion of our exclusive LASH-KARA™ training you will receive a Certificate of Completion as a LASH-KARA™ Technician PRO, and you will receive on-going support, if needed.  We will support LASH-KARA™ technicians who have completed our Beautiliscious course, and believe it’s always reassuring to know you aren’t alone should you have any questions.

View a few of our customer testimonials:
“Freaking amazing! I was hesitant now I’m hooked”-liz
“It’s really great as I wasn’t sure if it would give me that full look but it did that and more”-nancy
“Awesome so natural looking and no clumps”-gina
“Fantastic” –gemma


  • Training Kit
  • Beautiliscious Technician Pro Certificate


Save & book LASH-KARA™ & LASH LIFT 


If you would like more information on how to get started please email us at
A deposit will be required at time of booking.

Balance is paid in full one (1) day before class training.

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