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Want gorgeous eyebrows without having to fill,
shape, and draw on daily? Microblading is your answer!

Considered one of the easiest ways to get your most dramatic – yet natural looking – brows, microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that colors, highlights, and enhances your natural brow by coloring your skin’s upper layer with perfectly matched pigmentation.

When you visit us at Beautiliscious , we will consult with you on the ideal shape and size of your brows, so that they compliment your face. You’ll relax on our comfy beds and enjoy the ambiance of our comfortable and relaxing surroundings as we begin with the microblading procedure. Filled in hair-by-hair, you’ll soon enjoy the appearance of fuller, darker brows without any additional makeup!

Since the original pigmentation fades over a four week period, it’s important to visit us again for your scheduled touch-ups, where we’ll fill in any areas that have faded & create a “fade effect” with your brow.

The microblading procedure typically lasts from 1.5 to 2. Most of this time involves the prep work involving exact measurements and shape of the desired brows. Before the procedure begins, we’ll work one-on-one with you to ensure that we match the right brow shape that best suits what you want and expectations. Also, the actual color of the brow will be selected with the client (in natural light) in order to properly match the skin tone and to achieve the finished look.

Beautiful Eyes Retro Style Make-up

Once everything is ready to go, a topical “numbing” anesthetic will be applied to the brow area to minimize any discomfort. Once the procedure is complete, minor redness and a little swelling is expected to occur and is perfectly normal. This will calm down over the course of a few hours, depending on the individual client. Healing takes anywhere from 3 to 7 days and the skin will heal over the embedded pigment during this time. There is no down time with this procedure.

Initially the color of the new brow will look a bit dark, but will soften as it heals over. The most important thing is to keep this area clean and dry as it heals. This means not irritating the brow area and also being sure to apply proper aftercare, coconut or tea tree oil and a small amount of ointment Vaseline on top to ensure proper healing.

A complimentary follow up will be scheduled 4 weeks following the initial procedure. During this visit, minor touch-ups may be needed to perfect the shape of the new brow, depending on what the client desires. We want our clients to be happy! Customer service is important to us!!

Have you thought about adding additional services to your business? We microblading490215ed6126b56a0c195046b59cde76offer MICROBLADING HD OMBRE FADE TRAINING at our studio, salon or location. It’s a fantastic business opportunity to build on your income.

How long do they last?

Microbading will vary from client to client, but will typically last approximately 1.5 – 2.5 years. With the addition of refreshing the color and touching up, the brows will look very natural and defined for 4 weeks after the initial procedure and at that time a second appointment to fill will take place.

Your brows will look so real no one will know the difference!


“I love my new eyebrows and Wendy gave me a beautiful natural look. I recommend her she’s amazing thank you a lot I am very happy with this experience with Beautiliscious.”


“I had a great experience. I think Wendy did a great job and is an artist, also very sweet and gentle. Recommend her highly!”


“I have been so anxious for my micro blading eyebrows and I am so happy with how they look & it didn’t hurt, which I thought it would. I can’t wait to have my self conscious back . Thanks you Beautiliscious for really great work.”


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