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lashextensionsThe drama, sex appeal, and va-va- voom of long lashes isn’t reserved for red carpet celebrities anymore! Forget about fussing with false lashes – we can give you the same length, thickness, and curl without the daily precision and sticky mess.
At our Beautiliscious Studio in Brampton, we’ll help you choose the optimum lash look to support the length and strength of your natural lashes. Once a style has been selected, you’ll relax on our comfy beds and enjoy the ambiance of your surroundings as we apply lash extensions individually, lash by lash. You’ll feel totally at ease during our session, without any pain, stinging, or burning.
We offer LASH EXTENSION and MICROBLADING HD OMBRE FADE training at our studio, in your salon or online training. Take a peek, you may be interested in taking a course that you can easily set up in your home and/or salon.

Once your lash extensions have been applied, you’re free to do all the things you usually do. Sleep, exercise, swim, shower, wear makeup – you name it! Touch-up appointments every 3 weeks or more, will keep your lash extensions looking fabulous!.lash1

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