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Introducing LASH-KARA™ exclusive to Beautiliscious

Beautiliscious, located in Brampton would like to introduce you to our NEW semi-permanent mascara, LASH-KARA™. She’s the new girl in town, and the latest fad in our never-ending quest for bigger, curlier, longer, thicker lashes that make your eyes stand out beautifully. Now you can offer your clients the look of lash covered mascara, that requires only one application every approximately every 3 weeks. LASH-KARA™ is applied professionally and combined with our Lash Lift is the perfect alternative to lash extensions, and that’s not all, it can also be applied solely to lash extensions for a stunning dramatic look….and LASH-KARA™ is a revolutionary product for lower lashes. LASH-KARA™ provides volume, looks 100% natural and is waterproof. You get lovely darkened lashes, plus definition, thickness and curl, and it will not come off at the gym, running, humidity, in the shower or swimming. What more could a girl ask for! Clients love this treatment, but let’s face it, who wouldn’t want fuller, darker and completely natural looking lashes. Count me in!

Our semi-permanent LASH-KARA™ is 100% safe for your eyes, even sensitive eyes, and natural lashes, and does not contain formaldehyde, carcinogens, dyes or heavy metals, and can be used with our BEAUTILISCIOUS Lash Lift and Tint.

Our LASH-KARA™ formula is the perfect solution for enhancing your eyes without lash extensions. Achieve this ideal look from morning to night, whether natural or dramatic. You choose the look, and LASH-KARA™ does the rest!


Apply it to your natural lashes, or over lash extensions and how thick and dramatic it is, that’s up to you. You can start with the more natural LASH-KARA™ eye and go from there to a fuller look of lashes, where we apply LASH-KARA™ a second or third time for a dramatic full LASH-KARA™ look. If you love a darker eye makeup look, then opt for more coatings of LASH-KARA™.

LASH-KARA™ should be removed professionally to avoid any damage to your lashes, the same as lash extensions.

Fun fact! This is an ideal solution for pregnant women, or any woman with a crazy busy lifestyle who know they have little to no time for grooming and love their lashes looking bold, thick and natural.

Big lash fans get your style on with LASH-KARA™! If you desire a natural, low maintenance look, or maybe you are heading out on vacation, LASH-KARA™ is for you!

To book an appointment please BOOK ONLINE, text (416) 799-0325 or email us at and we will promptly confirm your appointment.

Beautiliscious is located in Brampton, We provide mobile and on location service. At Beautiliscious we offer other services including Microblading, Lash Lifts, Wedding and Bridal Makeup and Hair, and Lash Extensions.

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