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bg-leftBROW RESCUE – MEN AND WOMENbg-right

eyebrows3browrescue3We want to create the perfect brow for you. On your first visit we will take a look at your brows and customize a shape to work with the shape of your face and bone structure. Our shaping method is tweezing to ensure precision and detail.

$30 / 30 min


The Clean Up

After a grow out your arches will lose their shape, so let us refresh those brows and get them into gorgeous shape once again.

$20 | 20 min

Brow Rescue

ca511ac2f8541e58e80a83f041af36f0Most of us have been guilty of OTD (over tweezing disorder) or have had a bad experience with brow waxing. Allow us to rescue your brows to their former glory. No more messy or uni brows!

$80| 5 shapings / $100 | 8 shapings

Man Scaping Brow Fix

Men as much as we love your manliness, we would also like you with two eyebrows. Allow us to groom that uni brow or caterpillar brows. We seriously promise you guys, that a little tweezing won’t take away your man card. Trust us!

$35 | 30 min

Man Scaping Clean Up Brows

Once that uni brow is a thing of the past your manly brows will need some maintenance every now and again to keep them groomed and looking great.

$25 / 20 mins

browrescuemen1The brow and lash business opportunities are booming so why not think about making excellent income, with very little to no cost, work from your home or salon, add to your services menu. We provide training for MICROBLADING, LASH EXTENSIONS, & LASH LIFTS.

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