Beautiliscious | Microblading HD Ombre Fade is the NEWEST BAD GIRL in town!
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Hello Beautiful!

What a crazy busy month we are having, and I’m not just talking about the weather.  Our Training classes are full speed ahead at BEAUTILISCIOUS, and so many talented people are here working with us to learn and expand their skills to in turn offer these services to their clients.

At BEAUTILISCIOUS, we’ve developed an exclusive addition to the MICROBLADING procedure, called OMBRE FADE tm.  What is it?  It’s a no fail way to create and shape the best brows you’ve ever seen, that look like they’ve been filled in with a “pencil” fade effect.  It’s exclusive to BEAUTILISCIOUS.  LVL-Lashes-with-mascara1f74b8e975e43832077c3f95cb2872285

The OMBRE FADE tm technique is a perfect way to give MICROBLADED brows a semi-permanent makeup effect that will allows no worry about filling them in regularly. It wears off in a similar way to your MICROBLADED brows in 2-3 years.  This is a new and very hot trend that’s here to stay in the world of MICROBLADING and the result looks stunningly realistic.

Why would your client want to take this OMBRE FADE tm course?


It’s convenient, because you don’t have to do anything to your brows.  They look filled in at all times, and they look so real.  Cuts getting ready time a whole bunch.


The cost of brow products is astronomical so you would be saving all sorts of money not having to fill in your brows.

THEY LOOK SO REAL!microblading micro12

The OMBRE FADE tm procedure is the bomb and looks amazing!

Like anything, this takes practice, but you will want to consider adding this amazing new technique to your MICROBLADING skills.

At BEAUTILISCIOUS located in Brampton, Ontario we offer the best courses for Microblading HD & EXCLUSIVELY Ombre Fade tm, Lash Lifts, Lash & Brow Tints, Lash Extensions Lower, Beginner, Advanced & Russian Volume.  We also provide introductory training courses for Skin Care, Facials, Waxing, Manicures, Gel & Acrylic Nails if you want to add these services to your business without taking a 6 month course, or you already know the fundamentals but want a refresher course.  We’ll teach you the fundamentals of Skin Care, Facials, Waxing, Manicures, Gel & Acrylic Nails.  Our classes are small, with a max of 2 students per class.  We get so many great comments on our training.  Our teaching method is unique, and not only that it’s a personal “one-on-one” approach, meaning you have our undivided attention through out.  I’ve taken everything I “learned” & “didn’t learn” when I took these courses myself and put together a training program that covers fundamentals, theory and lots of practical.  The best way to learn is by doing. You’ve made an investment in your future so it’s really important that you walk away feeling, like you learned as much as you possibly learn, and are ready to apply your skills to your everyday practice.

We’ve also added the following new classes:


If you want to improve your drawing & fading of hair strokes, depth, volume & HD effect, this course is for you.  1 Day $399.00;

APRIL 7 & 15th / 1 spot available.



Perfect your fade techniques from the best, with this incredibly valuable course.  You will master the art of OMBRE FADE tm and offer your clients this incredibly unique procedure. It’s an absolute must add to your services. $689.00;

APRIL 1 & 16th / 1 spot available.



If you haven’t mastered the skill of mixing and customizing colours this course would be a must for you. 1/2 Day $359.00.

MAY 21 / 1 spot available.

We are the #1 LASH LIFT ACADEMY, and I feel like the QUEEN of LASH LIFTS, and I invite you to take our training or come see us for a LASH LIFT & TINT.  Takes approx. 1 hour with tint.


Spring schedule is complete and we have a few spaces left.  ALL of our courses are maximum 2 people.

I love what I do and on top of that I get to meet, and work with many superstar students and it never seems like work.  I love my students, they ae keen and talented and encourage them to be the best in their trade.lashliftbeforeandafter

Classes are online, in our private studio in Brampton, Ontario, or at your salon or spa, as we do on location training sessions as well.

Due to popular demand we’ve set up more TRAINING CLASSES for the OMBRE FADE tm technique in April & May, so ask us for additional dates and availability.

Please message .  Text or call (416) 799-0325 (We won’t answer your calls when we are with clients as we know you would want the same courtesy).


BEAUTILISCIOUS, located in Brampton, Ontario books by appointment only in our private studio,  or we provide our mobile service.


Training courses for MICROBLADING HD, OMBRE FADE, PRECISION FADE, COLOURS, LASH LIFTS & TINT, LASH-KARA tm & LASH EXTENSIONS are offered in our private studio, on location, or one-on-one private or groups.

Group Rates are available.

We are leaders in customer service, innovation, creativity, with affordable pricing. We are progressive, positive, and educated with extraordinary talent & taste.

Our private beauty studio is chic, relaxed & comfortable with a bit of bling & a lot of style.

To contact us with any questions or to book an appointment please email or book online

Book now

(416) 799-0325new-3


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