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Beautiliscious offers classes of 2 students maximum only. Our Lash Extension Refresher Workshop will review the fundamentals and precision application techniques. We will educate you on all the important aspects of applying Lash Extensions safely and properly. We will work together on any skills you feel you want to review. Leave feeling comfortable & confident.  Always an open door policy to contact us at Beautiliscious.  We’ll answer any of your questions or concerns at any lash1time.

The one day hands-on training Lash Extension Workshop will teach you all you need to know to perform a lash extension treatment to the highest professional standards. 

Refresher/Workshop includes:

Product Info
Design and Placement of Extensions
Safety, Sanitation and Hygiene 
Proper Workstation Setup
Lash Extensions Application Techniques
Lash Extension Removal Process
Aftercare & Maintenance Instructions
Tips & Troubleshooting

Certificate of Completion

Course Pricing:



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