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23 Jan For The Love Of Brows

For many women, the routine we go through each morning styling our hair, choosing an outfit, and applying our cosmetics is a ball and chain we will be attached to for at least the duration of a working career. While notions of beauty differ from one individual to the next, typically people are of the opinion that a woman’s appearance is not put-together or complete until makeup is added as the finishing touch. In a world of ever-increasing responsibilities and ever-decreasing free-time, known micro pigmentation technician and instructor Wendy Lee is leading the way in making her fellow females feel beautiful in any situation.490215ed6126b56a0c195046b59cde76

Your Eyebrows are Expressive

The best message your eyebrows can convey is that you not only care about how you look, you also know and understand your own individual beauty. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to steer clear of hit-or-miss DIY brow routines or fashion fads that leave you looking like an imitation of someone else. Your brows are one of the most important features of your face, and it’s absolutely crucial to work with a consultant who can help you make your brows the best they can be.   Eyebrows say a lot about us. They’re often the facial features that people notice first and remember longest, and they give a powerful immediate impression. What do your eyebrows say about you?new-3

Enhance Your Eyebrows with Micropigmentation.

Most women put a lot of time and effort into their brows, using procedures that range from tweezing, threading and waxing to drawing, stenciling, or even transplants to get the that perfect shape, thickness, color and arch. But for the best, longest lasting, and most flattering results, micropigmentation can be the optimum solution.

Micropigmentation can beautifully enhance even the thinnest, sparsest brows, supplying the shape and fullness you’ve always wanted. Semi-permanent brows are an excellent choice for women who want to recapture a vibrant and youthful appearance. Our brows tend to become thinner as we age, and micropigmentation is an undetectable means of restoring the fullness that may have been lost with time.

Your micropigmentation technician can help you decide on how you want your brows to look, making suggestions based on your skin type, coloring, and face shape. However, the final decision on the shape, color, and thickness of your permanent eyebrows is entirely yours.   This is a very personal procedure, and we do everything possible to make sure you get exactly the brows that you want.

What to Expect

Microblading or Permanent brow makeup can be a painless procedure, but complete healing does take some time. For the first few days following the procedure it will generally look as though you’ve used ordinary makeup, such as a topical brow pencil, and by day four or five you may notice some scaliness or flakiness as the top layer of skin sheds. But within a week you’ll be enjoying beautiful, natural looking eyebrows.

A minimal “touch up” done within 4-6 weeks of the initial procedure completes the process, and you’ll have the brows you’ve always dreamed of.

Contact Wendy Lee now for your personal consultation or call (416) 799-0325.


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