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22 Aug Benefits of Microblading vs. Permanent Makeup

Hi beautiful! Good to see you back! While I was going through my bookings at Brampton Beautiliscious today, I noticed the number of people who had signed up for Microblading as opposed to the clients who wanted Permanent Makeup. It got me thinking and I pitted the two techniques against each other to decide which one is better? I felt like doing a deeper analysis so I thought I would post about it & share with all of you!

As the name suggests, Permanent Makeup is a simple cosmetic technique that involves the use of tattoos to create patterns that resemble makeup through tattoo machines that implant ink into the dermis. Eyeliners, color enhancement on facial skin, lips, eyelids and eyebrows are all common areas targeted by permanent makeup. Simple, right? Good! Now let’s move on to its opponent. I’m sorry if I’m making it sound like a battlefield but I’m really into this ‘Microblading vs. Permanent makeup’ debate! It’s my job, after all!

Microblading, on the other hand, is a semi-permanent, tattoo-like procedure, using a tool that has plenty of tiny pins forming a blade to produce real looking hair-like strokes within your brow area.

So which one is better? Back to square one. Just joking! Read on to find out!

Permanent vs. Temporary

The first most obvious distinction between the two is the time period till the effect lasts! Permanent makeup involves ink being deposited much deeper into the client’s skin, designed to stay on for an extended time period, a desired 8-10 years approximately. Contrary to this, Microblading uses semi permanent ink that creates patterns on the skin’s surface in a way that the ink dissipates over time, lasting about 2-3 years.

While one may argue that permanent makeup eradicates the hassle of getting the treatment again, I think otherwise, for 2 major reasons! Firstly, fashion trends are quick to change and permanent makeup leaves us with no option to alter the makeup we got tattooed years ago! 2-3 years is a more feasible time period for makeup to wear off and for us to move on to newer trends. Secondly, many permanent makeup artists use regular tattoo ink that is prone to changing color, leaving you with weird blue hues while Microblading pigments are organic and color retentive. So if you really want to make that long term commitment with permanent makeup, opt for a reputable and reliable beautician like our staff at Beautiliscious!

Tattooed vs. Natural

Since permanent makeup involves ink being engrained into your dermis with a machine, the result, albeit pleasing, is a tad bit more ‘tattooed’ and unrealistic than Microblading. The latter involves a hand tool, allowing the beautician to place hair like strokes into the skin, almost like embroidery. This leaves you with a much more realistic result: natural looking eyebrows!

Reaction vs. No Reaction

Permanent Makeup, although largely safe, does pose the risk of allergies and infections since the machine works so close to the surface of the skin and at times the ink consists of harmful minerals like cobalt and mercury! As opposed to this, Microblading is completely safe, incurring no severe reaction barring the minor scratching sensation experienced during the process. This method uses organic pigments that are completely safe to use on your skin, near the sensitive eye area as well!

Both micro blading and permanent makeup are a beauty investment with lasting results, so do your homework, and choose the right technician. You should be comfortable finding a technician who is affordable, has a portfolio of photos, is active on social media to show off their work, replies to you promptly within 24 hours, who will take the time to sit down for a consultation or chat on the phone. Remember YOU are the customer, and YOU are the reason we are successful, so feel free to ask questions!

Wendy Lee is an instructor & technician, of micro blading, permanent makeup, lash extension & lash lift pro with over 8 years experience in micro balding, brow shaping, and correction. She has trained & worked in Europe and North America and is sought after for her treatments and instruction.

To book an appointment please BOOK ONLINE, text (416) 799-0325 or email and we will promptly confirm your appointment.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post!

Until next time lovelies,


Now you do the math in figuring out which technique works best for you. Do let me know what you prefer in the comments below!

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