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03 Aug Lash Lifts, I think I’m hooked!

Hey gorgeous! Need a mood lifter? I’ve got one up my sleeve! So today, I am going to introduce you to the amazing invention, the miraculous procedure of Lash Lifting! It has got me hooked. Wanna know why? Scroll down!

I am tired to the core from expending ridiculous amounts of money weekly on expensive mascaras, wearing and tearing my existing lashes with God forsaken eye lash curlers, pressing down with all my might to acquire those astounding sky high lashes we see models sporting in magazines, but all in vain! If my rant echoes your ordeal too, you might want to consider the amazing (an understatement) Lash Lifts!

Now that I have piqued your interest, let me tell you what Lash lifts exactly are! But before that, witness a pictorial trailer of the unbelievable outcome of this incredible procedure…

Can you see the extent to which lash lifting can enhance the expression, beauty and shape of your eyes? A great deal, to say the least!yamile

Quite self explanatory, “Lash Lifting” is a process whereby your eye lashes are lifted or curled upwards, to give you a wide eyed, youthful appearance! An alternative for eye lash extensions-and much more preferred, lash lifting saves you the time, energy and cost of maintaining lash extensions. And what’s more? Beautilisious offers you 3 different curl sizes to choose from, rendering lash lifts just as flexible as lash extensions, and with much less hassle!

I am in awe of the amazing feasibility of lash lifts-it works for all your lash types. Ladies with short and stubby lashes that mascara cannot rightly elongate, long but droopy lashes that require intensive eye lash curling rendering the lashes brittle amidst the process and clumpy lashes that refuse to be separated-ALL issues can be successfully tackled by Lash lifting!

And the process? Super simple! The lower lashes are gently taped down with an eye pad to prevent any curling upward. The eyelid is shielded by a small silicone pad. The lashes are then lifted up to the pad, to prepare for curling. In just 3 simple steps taking 45 minutes, you are left with luscious lashes to flaunt around! Lash lifts last you approx. 6-8 weeks, so you can always get them renewed after the minimum time period. A painless procedure with no side effects and post precaution of just avoiding water and makeup in the first 24 hours- do you blame us if we’re obsessed with lash lifts?lashliftb

In order to attain the aforementioned results, you need to have a reputable lash lift technician who will guarantee all the precautionary measures to ensure maximum efficiency-our fingers are pointed at Beautilisicous with an array of successful lash lifts to their credit. Taking all relevant precautions, they even offer a patch test to ensure the process goes smoothly.

And that’s not all! Beautilisicous also offers the semi permanent application of mascara known as “Lash Kara” to last you 3-4 weeks so do check it out! For even more enhanced results, you can opt for Lash Tinting to go with your Lash Lifts to give you that added oomph-all at Beautilisicous!

Evade the hassle of mascara, eye lash curlers and eye lash extensions with lash lifts! We’re hooked! Are you?

At Beautiliscious & we offer services including, Micro blading, Permanent Makeup, Lash LiftsLash Extensions, Lash Extension Refresher workshops, & Micro blading Refresher Workshops.

BEAUTILISCIOUS, located in Brampton, Ontario we book by appointment only in our private studio, or through our mobile service.


Training courses for MICROBLADING HD OMBRE FADE, PERMANENT MAKEUP, PRECISION FADE, COLOUR WORKSHOPS, LASH LIFTS & TINT, LASH-KARA tm & LASH EXTENSIONS are offered in our private studio, on location, or one-on-one private or groups.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post!

Until next time beautiful,







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