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Permanent Makeup Chelmsford Essex Lip Tattoo


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I am often asked about color & pigment choice for micro blading & permanent makeup procedures. I’ve put together a little intro article below, in a series of many, that I hope you find helpful.

Choosing the correct pigment coloring isn’t quite as simple as it seems, however, with the right knowledge, training & understanding, & practice, you can make the proper choice in determining what color or color combo is the right choice for your client. I hope you enjoy this read & stay tuned for more informative articles on adaptation of color.skintone1

PIGMENT COLOR is a critical part of any permanent makeup or micro blading procedure. There are some very important assessment steps that are required before your procedure.

ASSESSMENT of client’s dominant facial features, contour, facial shape and head shape. The facial shape has an important bearing on the assessment of brow shape for your micro blading or permanent makeup procedure.

ASSESSMENT of skin color. The skin color has a substantial impact on the correct selection of pigment color and the final result of the micro blading/permanent makeup after healing.

SELECTION of appropriate pigment color. The final color achieved is a blend of your pigment color, skin color and healing process. It is important to consider these factors when choosing a pigment color. A wide selection of pigment colors is essential.

ASSESSMENT of skin type, the amount of pigment to implant, and the number of procedures will be required.

TRYING TO IMPLANT too much pigment can cause tissue trauma and unwanted results such as pigment migration (ending up in the wrong location), in particular with fragile skin types.skintone6

IT’S ESSENTIAL to select a micro blading/permanent makeup technician who has genuine knowledge and training to assess these important factors prior to commencing the procedure. It is important for the client to understand the changes that occur to the pigment color when it is implanted into the skin and blends with their skin color and other changes that occur with the healing process.

Clients can be taken aback at the intensity and boldness of the color after the initial procedure, however during the healing process the color will fade significantly. The final colour achieved will fall between the initial color (immediately after treatment) and the healed color after 4-6 weeks.skintone4

Your initial micro blading/permanent makeup should always require a second procedure to ensure the best possible results.

As you can see with so many factors it is important to select a micro blading/permanent makeup technician who genuinely understands the relationship between color of your skin, pigments chosen and the healing process.

Both micro blading and permanent makeup are a beauty investment with lasting results, so do your homework, and choose the right technician. You should be comfortable finding a technician who is affordable, has a portfolio of photos, is active on social media to show off their work, replies to you promptly within 24 hours, who will take the time to sit down for a consultation or chat on the phone. Remember you are the customer, the reason we are successful so feel free to ask questions!

Wendy Lee is an instructor & technician, of micro blading, permanent makeup, lash extension & lash lift pro with over 7 years experience in brow shaping, and correction. She has trained & worked in Europe and North America and is sought after for her treatments and instruction.

To book an appointment please BOOK ONLINE, text (416) 799-0325 or email and we will promptly confirm your appointment.

Beautiliscious is located in Brampton, Mississauga, At Beautiliscious & we offer services including, Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Lash LiftsLash Extensions, Lash Extension Refresher workshops, & Microblading Refresher Workshops.

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