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Hello Gorgeous!

Have you heard about the newest & hottest beauty trend?  Its Lash Lifts & with a Lash Tint.

The alternative to lash extensions! Put down the lash curler it’s time to give those straight lashes a lift!

You may have heard of a lash perm…which years ago used tiny “Barbie” rods to roll your lashes onto. Sometimes it would curl the lashes a bit too much, and it was hard to keep in place.brow-slider

The updated version of the lash perm uses silicone pads, is a refined solution and is called LASH LIFT.  The silicone pads are placed above the lash line and your natural lashes are brushed upwards onto the pad. There are three different sizes available, small, medium and large, which determine how much lift you want for your lashes. (The small pads give a higher lift while the large pads give more curl.)

The rest of the application process is the same. Two lift solutions are brushed onto the lashes (none of the solution is supposed to get on the skin if the silicone pads are placed correctly), then a neutralizing lotion is placed onto the lashes to finish the treatment. Once all of the solutions are removed from the lashes, the silicone pads are removed and the client can open their eyes, unless they want to continue with a lash tint.  The lash lift application takes approx. 45-60 minutes, and an extra 10 minutes for the tint.

For an added pop, ask for our SEMI-PERMANENT LASH MASCARA that lasts all week.  We apply the semi-permanent mascara right after the lash lift process.lash1

At Beautiliscious located in Brampton, we also use LASHKARAtm, which is a semi-permanent lash seal/wrap that lasts approx. 3 weeks.  Exclusive to Beautiliscious this is a product you are definitely going to want to apply.

Omg! our MICROBLADING, LASH LIFT & LASH EXTENSION TRAINING COURSES are full speed ahead!!  Our classes are 2 students maximum, in every scenario, and are so incredibly popular.  We believe in “hands on” training, with a twist, as it leaves all of our students feeling super comfortable and confident.  Need more time?  You are always welcome to return for some more tips, & training, but honestly with our unique training method, students start working on clients right away, that’s a fact.

Our WORKSHOP/REFRESHER COURSES are internationally the #1 ACADEMY TRAINING CENTER in NA & we guarantee our training.  Our classes are beyond a great investment for the future business success.

FACT:  We’ve all taken classes with a large, well renowned training school that advertise “the best of the best” training, only to be crammed in with a class of 6, 9, 15 or more students, and “one” instructor.  You leave feeling like you didn’t comprehend, or you needed more attention from an instructor who was busy helping those students who had a harder time comprehending the techniques.  A) it’s not fair, you all paid the same price for the course  B) this wasn’t what you signed up for.  Let’s face it, there’s a lot of money to be made in the beauty industry, but our philosophy of TRAINING, is just that, TRAINING.  The purpose is to learn & understand, and we offer just that.  At Beautiliscious, we act with integrity and choose to offer the highest level of #1 top notch classes.  If you want to choose the best NA renowned TRAINING ACADEMY we’re here!!  Please text or email or for more info and for our class schedules.  We supply live models for all of our training courses & you will work hands on with a minimum of 2 models.microbladinghdombrefade

We’ve been incredibly blown away at the overwhelming response to our exclusive WORKSHOPS/REFRESHER courses for MICROBLADING, LASH EXTENSIONS both BEGINNER & ADVANCED.  Classes are super popular & space is extremely limited.  These courses are taught “hands on” with live models & specific direct training, unique to Beautiliscious.  Our educators/instructors are taught the Beautilisciousone-of-a-kind exclusive method of learning with teacher & student interaction.  We are PRO CERTIFIED in training & management.  You will walk out of our classes feeling incredibly confident, knowing you can start booking clients and take your business to the next level.

On another topic, what’s new in LASH EXTENSIONS?  Brown lash extensions are taking the LASH EXTENSION world to another level.  Let’s face it, you have clients that want a full set of lashes, nothing glam or too long but natural looking.  It’s a new & growing market.  Check out our BROWN LASH EXTENSIONS online.16-lines-Top-quality-Mix-Size-brown-eyelashes-mix-length-brown-eyelash-extension-brown-eye-lashes

Yes!!! I’m so excited to share that we are in the process of launching an online BEAUTY SUPPLY store.  After resourcing products, shipping disasters, poor quality products & over priced items, we thought it was a natural progression to create a site that offers quality & affordable pricing to home, spa & salon based businesses.  MICROBLADING, LASH EXTENSIONS, LASH LIFTS & OTHER supplies will be offered.  We’ll be sure to announce the site launch in a few weeks time.

Please message .  Text or call (416) 799-0325 (We won’t answer your calls when we are with clients as we know you would want the same courtesy), but we will get back to you in record time!

BEAUTILISCIOUSlocated in Brampton, Ontario books by appointment only in our private studio, or through our mobile service.


Training courses for MICROBLADING HD, OMBRE FADE, PRECISION FADE, COLOURS, LASH LIFTS & TINT, LASH-KARA tm & LASH EXTENSIONS are offered in our private studio, on location, or one-on-one private or groups.

WORKSHOPS & REFRESHER courses will be offered in April & May.

Group Rates are available.

We are leaders in customer service, innovation, creativity, with affordable pricing. We are progressive, positive, and educated with extraordinary talent & taste.  To be the best, you must learn from the best.

Our private beauty studio is chic, relaxed & comfortable with a bit of bling & a lot of style.

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