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What if you could get perfect natural looking brows with no work? I mean, no drawing with a brow pencil in the morning while you get ready, and you just can’t seem to match those baby’s up.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that extra 15 minutes – on a good “drawing” day, never mind bad? No more filling in gaps, perfecting that arch, shaping those brows or completely covering up all of that OTB – over tweezed brows.  MICROBLADING is a great semi-permanent, natural looking procedure to get your brows to WOW!f74b8e975e43832077c3f95cb2872285

What exactly is MICROBLADING? It is a semi-permanent tattoo-like procedure using special MICROBLADING tool with a lot of tiny pins forming a “blade” to create real looking hair-like strokes within your brow area.  Of course, this procedure should only be performed by a trained and certified professional.

So why would you choose to get your brows MICROBLADED?  Perhaps you are questioning your very light and non-existent brows, or maybe you want a proper brow shape & not a strip of untidy brow hair. Maybe you’ve tried a quick fix and have tried dying them but you just weren’t getting the fullness you wanted.  Or maybe you filled them in with a brow pencil, but felt like you weren’t able to get the shape right, and always second guessed your brows. Now you have a semi-permanent, non-invasive procedure that could get you just what you want.  Sound good?  Read on.

It’s always a good idea to do some research to learn a little more about MICROBLADING and give some thought as to whether it might be for you.  If it’s never crossed your mind to enhance your brows in a semi-permanent way. I’m pretty sure you will jump onboard the MICROBLADE train & will be on your way to getting the brows you’ve always wanted.

MICROBLADING is more than just a trend, it’s here to stay.  It can instantly boost your confidence by giving you brows!

LVL-Lashes-with-mascara1Feeling a little nervous? that’s perfectly normal.  We are talking about your face after all.  You may feel concerned about the level of pain, or finishing up with a “sharpie look”, when in actual fact the result is incredibly natural looking brow hair when finished.  Nothing about this procedure is scary.

Brows come in all shapes and sizes so finding the right MICROBLADING technician to create the perfect brows specifically for YOU is so refreshing. If you like them arched and more natural or bold and powdered, they can be designed perfectly for you!  At the end of the day we want you to be happy and tell all your friends, and they tell all their friends, and so on!bgbmicrobladingtrainingapr141

Most of our clients are a little nervous upon arrival, so it’s important to talk about the procedure, answer any questions and reassure your clients. It’s important to talk to your clients & explain the procedure.  Once you are comfortable, the next step is to measure and draw the brows in by using a wax or brow pencil.  This is the step that takes the longest because the brows must be measured precisely to ensure they look alike & the client is happy with the design, thickness, arch & shape and while looking at a mirror, approves them before we go any further.  We discuss whether to go with a very natural color and more feather-like with less ‘ombre fade’ shading (more like hairs instead of colored in all the way). Once the stamp of approval is given it’s time to get started. Using the MICROBLADING hand tool to create the hair-like strokes we continue to design, and once one brow is finished, it’s on to the next. The whole process takes about 2 hours, start to finish. The procedure is relatively painless, and actually I wouldn’t even call it pain. It feels like “Velcro” & you may experience the sensation to sneeze but the sneeze doesn’t actually happen most of the time. The numbing cream is applied and topped with our own “secret formula” anesthetic, designed by a Doctor & it is such an amazing topical that works like a charm.  Nothing but a feeling of pressure while the MICROBLADING takes place.  After the MICROBLADING is finished, the pencil drawing is wiped off and a healing lotion (my favourite is coconut oil) is applied & topped off with Vaseline.  Then it’s ta da!!  You have brows!  Honestly it’s quite hard to explain how you actually feel after the procedure when you look in the mirror and see your new brows.  It’s the best feeling ever & you’ll be blown away with the results.micro

There is little to no down time, a little redness for an hour or so & that’s it. The next day, they will seem quite dark when you wake up but don’t worry because they will fade after the initial appointment by 40-50%.  After 2 to 3 days, they will start to itch and flake which means they are healing!  After 1 week they will be fully healed and lighter to what I wanted them to be! You will return for a touch up in 4 weeks to correct and freshen up the color.

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Training courses for MICROBLADING HD, LASH LIFTS & TINT, LASH-KARA tm & LASH EXTENSIONS are offered in our private studio, on location, or one-on-one private or groups.

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