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09 Feb Wedding planning

Wedding planning can be a stressful time, and is the main source of anxiety with brides & grooms. The initial planning stage, in fact can be quite overwhelming.

bridalmakeupBeautiliscious offer Wedding Bridal Hair and Makeup located in Brampton, which encourages you to read this insightful, practical and extremely helpful 8 Step Plan for creating a wedding that’s perfect for you (without being entirely stressed out in the process!).
You start out on this wedding planning journey feeling so excited at the prospect of throwing the most amazing party of your lives.
You have an epic vision and big dreams about what it will be like. It feels thrilling and exhilarating to step into this wonderful world of weddings where everything is fun, creative and colourful.

But then reality bites, you find yourself lost in a sea of ideas that you’ve no idea how to implement and you don’t know where to start with it all.
I have heard this time and time again from hundreds of couples, to share this trusted process and support more women to be the blissed-out bride they really want to be. So how do you plan a wedding without becoming entirely overwhelmed? Read on.

Take Time To Dream
Before you dive into Instagram or Pinterest and become over anxious with the wealth of inspiration out there, take time to connect to what you really want.
Let your mind wander and dream about what this day will look and feel like. Where is it? Who is there? What time of year is it? Is it formal, laidback, fun or serious?
Note down your dreams and decide what’s truly important to the two of you. This will give you the starting point for a meaningfully authentic day, as well as focusing all your decisions going forward. Think of it this way: would you set off in your car and just start driving without knowing the end destination first?

bridalmakeup1Decide Your How, Who, When & Where
Here, you are working out how you are actually going to make these dreams happen. So you need to know your HOW: your available budget, time for planning and other resources such as support from family and friends. Talking money is never fun, but it’s essential to know what you have to work with from the very beginning. So be brave and have those discussions.
Think about WHO is going to help you celebrate, your guest list is the key factor that will have the most impact on your budget and will also dictate where you choose to celebrate.
Finally you need to think about WHEN and WHERE your wedding will ideally take place. Be flexible here rather than choosing specific dates until you know what availability is like at your chosen space. Beautiliscious will help you with Wedding Bridal Makeup & Hair with our custom packages.

Lock It Down
Now is the time to bring everything together and start to lock down the most important element: the venue or location of your nuptials. It’s going to be the bulk of your budget and will dictate so many other choices, so until you find this perfect space you don’t have a wedding, just a wish.
The venue-search is an in-depth process but one that should be entered into with a playful curiosity and an open-mind, plus a little guidance from your wish list created at the beginning.

IMG_0072Design It: Details & Flow
Most people make mistake of starting here, diving head-first into inspiration and coming out feeling dazed and confused.
If you’ve followed the steps so far you’ll have a really clear vision, know exactly what’s important to you and what kind of budget and resources you have to bring it all together.
It’s time now to refine that vision and design your wedding day according to the overall experience you want to create. So, gather up that inspiration, create mood boards, and choose your colour palette. Think about the flow of your day and how you can add flourishes of personality across each stage.

Hire Your Dream Team
Who do you want on your dream team? Beautiliscious, in Brampton, mobile or on location will make your day incredibly special with their wedding & bridal makeup & hair pamper packages.
There’s a multitude of amazing talented and creative suppliers just waiting to work with you so being clear from the outset about what you’re wanting to achieve will make your search so much easier.
Tackle this like you did your venue search and remember to be open to new possibilities and expert creative input. Often the greatest solutions lie beyond our own imaginations.

makeup8Handle All The Nitty Gritty
Once your dream team is in place it’s time to manage the process of working with them. This is a real action phase where all your planning comes to fruition.
You’ll be setting up appointments, making purchases, sending out invitations and managing your guest list.
You’ll want to ensure your systems are rock solid so you can stay on top of it all and keep that budget in check. Keep a record of key dates & all communications for reference.

Nail the Final Stretch
You’re almost there! Woohoo.
Time to tick of those final items and see this baby through to the finish line.
There’s a few key tasks to undertake in the final stretch that brings all your planning together, like your seating plan, on-the-day stationery, confirming final numbers with your caterer and letting your suppliers know what’s needed.
I recommend getting all of this done and dusted way before your wedding day, so those last few weeks are calm and stress-free.

Let Go & Focus On You
You should reach this final phase of your wedding planning feeling totally zen, blissed out, excited and confident that’s everything has been boxed off and complete.
Now is the time to just let go and trust you’ve done everything you can and that your dream team will make your wishes become reality.
Make this time a nourishing one, all about looking after YOU and getting you prepared physically and mentally for your wedding day.
Take time to sit back and reflect on what you’re actually about to embark upon: your marriage, your commitment to each other and all the things you have to look forward to, starting with this epic celebration to kick off married life.

At Beautiliscious Brampton we pride ourselves on our service & making your wedding day as special as we can. Wedding bridal makeup & hair, custom Indian weddings, Punjabi, Sikh, Sri Lankan along with Pamper Packages and customized budget plans.

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