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17 Aug The Fabulous World of Lashes

The Craze of Lash Extensions


A few years ago lash extensions involved an unpleasant strip of thick lashes that were sometimes stuck to your eyelids. This can be an embarrassing moment when they inadvertently fell off half way through your day.

These days though, eye lash extensions and beauty care solutions are very different. They come in all lengths, thicknesses and quality. The lashes are well placed on your natural lashes, that are placed on top of one lash, one by one. The effect is very beautiful.

When you go to get your lashes it is important to remove your eye makeup or contact lenses. The beautician will then carefully tape down your lower lashes to make certain they don’t stick together! Then the lash extensions are placed one at a time on your current lashes with safe effective glue. Lashes can take two hours for a new set. You will be very comfortable while having the lashes applied. You’ll be given a warm blanket and a cushion under your leg. Lots of people have fallen asleep during the treatment. It is so relaxing

After your lash extensions have been applied you will now be able to get on with your day as normal. It is important that you avoid getting your new lashes wet for a period 48 hours and also try to resist putting mascara on them, you don’t really need it but if you want an extra ‘pop” you can.  There are numerous benefits of lash extensions. If you are going to have fun with friends you won’t need mascara, so no more worries black running down your face when you take a dive in the pool. Just imagine waking up in the morning with long lovely lashes and no one ever knowing that they aren’t yours! Many people have confessed that their better halves have not realized that they have got lash extensions; they just said they looked better. Without a doubt everyone looks better with longer lashes and obviously more youthful.

The lashes will stay on for 2-3 weeks, depending in clients.  If you rub or pick at your lashes they will of course not last as long.  To keep your lash extensions looking their best most people go back for a fill every 2-3 weeks. The fill takes approx. 45 minutes. For wonderfully long lashes try getting extensions of extremely beautiful proportion from . They have a team of eternally competent beautician capable of taking care of your lash with minimum fuss. You will leave happy & your eyes will pop, and it adds a youthfulness.  beautiful. The procedure is very easy and painless, takes around an hour and a half to 2 hours and is easily maintainable with a fill, just like a mani. Contact today for the best beauty solutions.


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